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Excel BAHTTEXT Function

BAHTTEXT Function Example

How to use the BAHTTEXT Function

This Excel tutorial explains how to use the Excel BAHTTEXT function with syntax and examples.


The Excel BAHTTEXT function use to converts a number into Thai text, with the suffix "Baht".

For example,

  • The formula =BAHTTEXT(15) would return สิบห้าบาทถ้วน
  • The formula =BAHTTEXT(600) would return หกร้อยบาทถ้วน


To convert a number into Thai text.


The BAHTTEXT function returns Thai text.




The BAHTTEXT function syntax has the following arguments:

  • number: Required. Any number that you want to convert into Thai text, or a reference to a cell containing a number value, or a formula that evaluates any number.


  • It is use to Converts any number value to Thai text and adds a suffix of "Baht."
  • If "number" is not numeric, then #VALUE! is returned.

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