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Excel CHAR Function

CHAR Function Example

How to use the CHAR Function

This Excel tutorial explains how to use the Excel CHAR function with syntax and examples.


The Excel CHAR function use to converts a number into single Character relating to a supplied input number set from 1 to 255.

For example,

  • The formula =CHAR(89) would return "Y"
  • The formula =CHAR(55) would return "7"


To convert a number into Character.


The CHAR function returns single character String text.




The CHAR function syntax has the following arguments:

  • number: Required. Any number range between from 1 to 255, that you want to convert into character text.


  • It Converts only number from the range between 1 and 255.
  • If the input argument "number" is not numeric, then #VALUE! is returned.
  • If the input argument "number" is not from the range between 1 and 255, then #VALUE! is returned.

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